10 Unforgettable Movies From The Late, Great Sam Shepard (1943-2017)

Some talents are just so enormous that they cannot be contained by a single medium. Sam Shepard was one such talent. Fans of the theater knew Sam Shepard as the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of Buried ChildTrue West and Simpatico, but movie lovers will also know him as the ruggedly handsome, intelligently masculine star of classic movies ranging multiple decades.

Sam Shepard died this weekend at the age of 73, leaving behind him a legacy of artistic accomplishments that would be the envy of anyone. His writing was superlative but his screen presence was almost otherworldly, as though a figure had emerged from a painting that represented American life, dignified and flawed and probably wearing a hat. Over the course of his cinematic tenure he became one of those indelible figures who could, in every single role, be trusted to imbue his films with sincerity and, at turns, sensitivity and grim determination.

As we mourn the passing of the late, incredible Sam Shepard, us film lovers will think back to our favorite movies and remember the profound impact his work has had on the medium, and in our personal lives. Let’s look back at the Sam Shepard movies that everyone should see, and nobody should forget.

Ten Unforgettable Sam Shepard Movies:

Top Photo: Paramount Pictures

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