This Guy Predicted the Nintendo Switch Two Years Before its Launch

A YouTuber predicted the launch of the Nintendo Switch over two years before it became a reality, with him making bold predictions in early 2015 that turned out to be almost completely accurate by the time of the console’s 2017 release.

YouTuber The Wulff Den posted a video in January 2015 that predicted the next Nintendo console following the Wii U, with him being on the money about its core features. Noting a short clip of a smaller handheld Gamepad featured in a Nintendo commercial, The Wulff Den theorized that Nintendo was working on a handheld / home console hybrid with a smaller bezel than the Wii U’s bulky controller, noting that it could potentially either be played independently like a 3DS or while hooked up to the TV.

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To better explain this concept, The Wulff Den shares an image of the console’s controller hooked up to the TV by way of a dock, with this illustration looking incredibly similar to the Switch console.


The Wulff Den even predicted Mario jumping onto iOS.

Though The Wulff Den goes on to state that the console would probably make use of the Wiimotes, a prediction that fortunately did not turn out to be true given the Switch’s use of its new JoyCon controllers, the YouTuber does successfully outline what would go on to become the core principle of the Switch, which is all of its hardware being packed into its hybrid controller.

Though rumors of Nintendo creating a hybrid console date all the way back to 2014, The Wulff Den’s video outlines how he believes such a system would work with greater accuracy than arguably anyone else at that time. He also briefly touches upon Nintendo developing games for iOS in the video, discussing the New Super Mario Bros. series potentially going mobile — which did kinda happen thanks to the release of Super Mario Run in 2016 — which makes us suspect that he could well be a time traveler.

Check it out below: