Did A Random Stuntman Just Accidentally Reveal ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Is In The Works?

Photo: Rockstar Games

He may have spilled the beans.

It has been about four year since the last “Grand Theft Auto” game was released and people have been eagerly waiting for the six installment to the massive and legendary game franchise. And now some random stuntman may have been too quick to let the word out, and he has his resume to blame.

Photo: Rockstar Games

Stuntman Tim Neff headed to iStunt, a website all for stuntmen to find work, to upload his resume. And well, a little snippet in his resume caught everyone’s attention. Take a look at it below.



Now Neff has already worked for Rockstar as a stuntman for Red Dead Redemption, so of course that just adds more belief to this slip up. Now does this mean that Rockstar is hard at work on Grand Theft Auto 6? Maybe. Maybe not. Remember that Rockstar is currently busy on other franchises like Bully, so they may have their hands full at the moment.

Photo: Rockstar Games

But hey, it’s nice to think that Rockstar may put all of that in the back-burner to give people what they really want: a new “GTA” game, because we’ve been extremely patient, and there is only so many times you can beat the previous game.

Photo: Rockstar Games

While Rockstar hasn’t announced anything yet, we will just continue to set things on fire and get the cops to chase us on Grand Theft Auto 5.

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