Insane Crash Video Shows Motorcycle Passenger Thrown 65ft Through The Air

Screenshot: YouTube

And somehow the motorcycle driver and passenger survived.

It was clearly not time for either of these men to meet their maker because they both survived a horrific crash that occurred recently on the Seletar Expressway in Singapore. The 24-year-old motorcyclist is seen weaving in and out of traffic with his 21-year-old passenger, but that weaving comes to an erupt stop when they crash right into a white stationary car that had broken down and was in the outside lane.

Another motorist, Manster Wirman was able to capture the insane crash on his dash cam – a crash that threw the motorcycle passenger 65 feet through the air while the driver lands in the rear of the smashed car.

Check out the crazy footage below.

According to a police spokesman, “The 24-year-old male motorcyclist and his 21-year-old male pillion rider were unconscious when conveyed to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Police investigations are ongoing.”

Both riders had leg injuries and are still believed to be in the hospital and not six feet under.

Not to add insult to injury, but it’s pretty clear the motorcycle is in the wrong here as it was weaving through traffic only to not realize that the white car was not moving at all. But thankfully it didn’t cost anyone their life.

h/t The Sun

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