This Guy Survived A Nasty Spill From His Motorcycle And Here’s The Video

Photo: YouTube

Once upon a time, I wanted a motorcycle. The thrill of riding down the highway and going what might have been in excess of the speed limit was something I truly desired.

Seeing that I wanted a bike, I began to talk more with people who owned one or rode at one time. In almost every conversation, it eventually became clear that nearly wiping out on your bike was almost a daily occurrence, and taking an asphalt dive was something almost all of them experienced at some point. That’s where my love for motorcycles came to a screeching halt.

Taking a dive on a bike isn’t the greatest feeling in the world, folks. Doing it at high speeds is even worse, and the guy in the video below can probably attest to that.

Guy Survives Nasty Spill Off His Motorcycle

As you can see in the following clip, a rider found himself losing control of his bike on a highway in California. At high speeds, he began to wobble and the next thing you see is him sliding across the road, face-first. Take a look:

The woman shooting the video wrote in her description on YouTube that his bike shook five to six times in the almost 10 miles they drove next to him. With his biking wobbling the way it was, the woman pulled out her phone and began shooting footage.

In the moments after she began shooting, the guy wiped out and slid across the highway in a truly crazy moment. What might be even crazier is that he got up and walked over to the side of the road without being carried. Unfortunately for him, he had what the video described as a broken nose and “crazy road rash.” But at least he lived.

Kudos to you if you ride, because you’ve got bigger balls than me. I’ll keep to myself and my Huffy, thank you very much.

h/t BroBible

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