Gender Reveal Goes Awry When Dad Drills Mom In The Face With Batted Ball

Screenshot: Twitter

Having a child can be a painful experience when you take into consideration the actual birthing of the kid, the hit your wallet takes and of course, the fact that you have to spend your Saturdays loading up on child supplies at Costco instead of drinking beers with your boys on the golf course.

Also, getting drilled in the face by a batted ball during what was supposed to be a super fun gender reveal party doesn’t help the cause.

“That’s a YouTube fail!” Um, you’re damn straight it is.

I’m not sure that we can totally fault the dude here, as he took a letters-high pitch and drilled it right back up the middle like he’s been taught to do since his Little League days. And I’m not sure what it means when the ball doesn’t spew blue or pink ink. Does it mean that she’s not really preggers?

Also, not sure if that was that dude’s mother-in-law who was screaming at him just before the video cut out, but if it was, may God have mercy on his soul for the next 30 or 40 years. Good lord.

h/t BroBible

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