Chaos Erupts At Toronto Pizza Parlor As Crazy Brawl Goes Down

Screenshot: YouTube

Let me first start off by saying that this occurred around 2am according to the YouTube user who shared it, so let’s just assume that heavy amounts of alcohol were involved.

The video below takes place in a pizza parlor in Canada. And since nothing happens in Canada but people being kind to each other, it’s quite eye-opening to see what goes down in this pizza joint — nothing but pure chaos. According to Blog TO this fight kicked off because of a late order which caused a customer to jump over the counter and “throw around some potato chips.” And then what follows is madness — from pushing to punching to chairs being swung to a guy trying to stop the fight while holding his precious box of pizza, this is just random and hilarious.

Check out the chaos.

Chaos Erupts At Toronto Pizza Parlor As Crazy Brawl Goes Down

The amazing thing is that you will probably notice something you didn’t notice before if you watch this fight more than once. That’s exactly what this Twitter user noticed as well.

Yep, pretty damn accurate. But make sure to remember this moment, folks. Not a lot of fights that occur in Canada, so this is a memorable one.

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