Undeniably Impressive Football Catch Via Backflip Sets Twitter Ablaze

Photo: Twitter / AyDizRomieひ

The internet being the internet and all, we’re subject to unbelievable videos on a daily basis. But baffling doesn’t always equal admirable. For instance, a woman destroying $200,000 dollars worth of irreplaceable art for the sake of a selfie is mind-boggling, but we can’t say we wish it was us. Finding your home infested with 35,000 bees is certainly interesting, but it sucks to be the person living there.

Ultimately, being impressed by a viral video isn’t the same thing as being jealous of it. Having said that, the physical agility and coordination displayed in the following clip uploaded to Twitter last Friday is something to aspire towards.

Impressive Football Catch Via Backflip

We realize we’re a little late to the game here, but that’s quite alright. This astounding video isn’t loosing any of its luster anytime soon. In fact, the more you watch, the more spectacular it gets. We didn’t even mention in the headline that the football was caught with only one hand. And who does this stuff in cargo shorts from 20 yards out?

Meanwhile, I fell over backwards out of my chair this morning when someone tossed me a stack of Post-it notes. That’s kinda the same thing if I held onto them, right? (I didn’t.)

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