Some People Have A Bizarre ‘Friends’ Theory That Rachel Dreamed The Whole Show

Photo: Twitter

It has been over ten years since the last episode of the iconic sitcom Friends aired, but people of course still adore the show as a new generation is now discovering it thanks to Netflix and reruns on television. But even though it has been over a decade since the show wrapped up, there are some folks out that that believe Rachel Green, played by the lovely Jennifer Aniston, dreamed the whole show.

A Twitter user named Ted Fox realized that on the cover of the season four Friends DVD box art Aniston is the only one with her eyes open as her pals are all sleeping. And of course he wanted an explanation. Take a look at this tweet below.

And Twitter was of course quick to chime in with their theories about all this.

Holy hell that’s dark. Here’s another.

But wait, plenty of people believe this.

Ted also added this…


But I think the following tweet explains it all.

I’m just going to assume that most shows are all a dream now.

h/t Distracitfy

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