Here’s How To Check For Card Skimmers At ATMs and Gas Pumps

Photo: Ted Soqui (Getty).

If you’re like me, you rarely watch the local news your mom made you sit through three times a day as a kid because the internet exists now. However, if you’re also like me, you’ve fallen victim to a card skimmer on an ATM because you didn’t know what to look for. For that matter, many people might not even know they exist, making a recent news segment from CBS46 News all the more relevant and useful.

How To Check For Card Skimmers At ATMs and Gas Pumps

All it takes anymore is a single incident under the right circumstances to spark a public outcry. So when a lady in Georgia discovered a credit card skimmer at her local bank and alerted the news, they made the wise decision to get her story out there and alert the general public and stop these skimming S.O.B.s once and for all. Or, at least until they figure out a new way to screw suckers out of their money. But until then, the following video should help you out a great deal.

CBS46 News

Of course, this could also be a disaster waiting to happen, as your local morons are sure to start breaking ATMs and gas pumps with their brutish strength as they attempt to gently test the machines for foul play. But that’s the world we live in. Some people like to steal things, and others like to smash them. The others are just trying not to have their identities stolen for filling their tanks with gas. Hopefully this helped that marginal lot of you at the very least.

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