Exclusive Preview | ‘Cleverman’ Season 2 Episode 2

Last season on Cleverman, Koen West (Hunter Page-Lochard) was the unlikely recipient of supernatural powers and the position of Cleverman. As part of his awakening, Koen eventually embraced his new role and vowed to protect the Hairy people, a second race that has lived beside humanity for generations. Despite his newfound gifts, Koen failed. And now the price his failure can be felt in the second season.

In the aftermath of the battle with the Containment Authority, Koen was apparently killed…but he got better. While it may be difficult to physically hurt Koen, the loss of his friend, Blair, managed to penetrate his heart. As for the Hairies, even ordinary people have turned against their battle for recognition and survival. Now, a young boy named Mungo has been beaten to death, and his people are angry.

For CraveOnline’s exclusive preview scene from tonight’s episode of Cleverman, Koen does his best to appeal to the Hairy people and promises to keep them as safe as he can. However, his words only end up inciting violence against him…and that creates an unfortunate display of his abilities in front of the Hairies.

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Here’s the description of this week’s episode from SundanceTV:

“Waruu takes a position in government for the Inclusion Initiative, while Koen vows to do whatever he can to help the Hairy people.”

The next episode of Cleverman season 2 will premiere tonight, Wednesday, July 5 on SundanceTV at 10:00 pm.

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Photo Credit: SundanceTV/GPTV/Zone140