South Korea Blasts ‘We Are the Champions’ at North Korea Border

South Korea reportedly blasted Queen’s triumphant hit single ‘We Are the Champions’ at the North Korea border, in what appears to be a thinly-veiled jab at their long-standing political rivals as the North continues its troubling missile tests.

A video of the Queen single being played into North Korea has emerged, with a tourist at the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) recording footage of South Korea allegedly directing speakers at the border in a thinly-veiled musical taunt. The end result can be seen below:

The South set up giant speakers near the border in January 2016, using them to play propaganda and music in the direction of the “Hermit Kingdom.” The propaganda speakers had previously been set up 10 years ago, though heightened tensions between the two countries seemingly caused the South Korean government to once again use them in order to get under the skin of dictator Kim Jong-un’s regime.

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Last year it was reported that they had been playing K-pop at North Korea, with music from the South Korean boy band Big Bang being directed at the DRPK.


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. (Image Credit: AFP / Getty Images)

The music in the above video could be heard in the DMZ, a strip of land across the Korean Peninsula that serves as a barrier between the two countries. Speakers were previously erected in the DMZ in 1954, though both countries agreed upon a truce in 2004 which saw them being removed. However, after North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb, the South protested by bringing back the speakers once again.

Ironically, the Demilitarized Zone has become more militarized over the years as a result of these protests, with balloon propaganda campaigns also leading to unrest among the two countries. These campaigns have seen the North and South send leaflets across the border using balloons, with activists in the South also hoping to enlighten citizens trapped in the DRPK about the outside world in an effort to cut through Kim Jong-un’s propaganda.

Featured Image Credit: AFP / Getty Images