Just A Woman Casually Walking Away With A Big Screen TV From Buffalo Wild Wings

Photo: Facebook

I don’t know anyone who still enjoys going to Buffalo Wild Wings, but it seems like one woman recently went there not to binge on their “tasty” food but instead to help herself to a big screen TV that was on the restaurant’s patio. And of course it was all caught on camera.

Surveillance video below shows a woman walking up to the patio and simply taking the TV right off the wall. That’s pretty much it. The woman is pretty damn casual about it. And the best part is watching her carry the TV over her head across the parking lot before jumping into a Kia Soul.

Check out the bizarre video below thanks to Facebook.

The manager, CeCe Kirkhart, says a police report was already filed, but she also had this to say:

“It’s unsettling and I run a business where more than 50 percent of my staff are in college or high school so I’ve got a lot of young girls and young guys coming and going leaving the restaurant at different hours at different times of the night and knowing that there are servers walking out of here with money in their pocket I think puts at a little more of a high risk. It’s definitely a safety factor when things happen so closely together as they have this summer people tend to feel a little weary.

They haven’t caught this woman yet, but something tells me she will discover they are looking for her when she sees her face on her new big screen TV.


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