Music’s 12 Greatest Lyricists Are Getting Their Comeuppance Right Here Right Now

Photo: Live Nation

Music may look like a bunch of guitars, rocking singers and greasy bums beating on pots and pans, but without a great lyricist, it’s just a bunch of noise and girls riding shoulder-back tossing their sweaty undies on stage. When you put it that way, it doesn’t sound all that bad. But just in case, we’ve rounded up the 12 greatest living lyricists in music (not just rock ‘n roll), anywhere from the Slim Shady to the big papa of hip hop.

While we’d love to give some comeuppance to people like John Lennon and Joni Mitchell, Cornell and Cobain, it was hard enough to knock it down to 12 with just living legends alone. Take a look at some music GIFs of our favorite frontmen who can pen a good lyric, helping turn a memorable melody into a song that strikes a chord in people.

Whether you’re a fan of Sir McCartney and ’90s rock ‘n roll stars or hip hop and choir music, we’ve got a little bit of everyone at the party (except the choir boys).

Music’s 12 Greatest Living Lyricists Are Getting Their Comeuppance Right Here Right Now

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