Here’s What Nickelodeon’s ‘Slime’ Was Really Made Of

Photo: Nickelodeon 

Late ’80s-early ’90s kids, rejoice! We now know how to make our own Nickelodeon slime thanks to Marc Summers.

The former host of Double Dare and What Would You Do? recently did a video for Tech Insider where he went into the details of how the famous green slime was made. The Gak-loving kid in me already has goosebumps.

Although there are hundreds of ‘recipes’ online claiming to be the real deal, here’s how to make the authentic version that will bring you straight back to your childhood.

Here’s What Nickelodeon’s ‘Slime’ Was Really Made Of

So there ya go, kids. Stir up some vanilla pudding and apple sauce , add some green food coloring and a little touch of oatmeal and voilà! Slime!

Go crazy.


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Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports and a contributor to Mandatory.