Terrifying Video Of Doll Talking And Winking Without Batteries Is Here To Fuel Your Childhood Nightmares

Photo: United Artists (Getty).

It’s confession time. I had a doll growing up by the name of My Buddy. But just because I was playing with dolls, that’s not really enough to qualify as a confession. After all, it’s not like it was a Ken doll or something. No, this story goes a bit deeper. You see, when the movie Child’s Play came out (even though I wasn’t allowed to watch it), My Buddy took on a much more sinister role than cherished childhood companion. In fact, it was about the exact opposite, to the point where I’d actually catch the thing moving out of the corner of my eye and hysterically run crying to my parents. Big deal! I was only 17, after all.

Photo: Al Freni/The LIFE Images Collection (Getty).

Photo: Al Freni/The LIFE Images Collection (Getty).

Anyways, that last part was likely just my mind playing tricks on me. At no point have I ever thought a toy legitimately came to life while I wasn’t around. Or at all. That is, until now.

Try as you may, it will be difficult to keep the hairs on the back of your neck from standing up as you watch the following video out of Cusco, Peru. In it, a doll can be seen talking, blinking and moving its head, even after having its batteries removed. Totally normal stuff like that:

While part of me definitely wants to call hoax on the entire thing, especially since details are scarce, at the same time, most actual horror films don’t creep me out like this video does. That alone warrants a view, regardless of how things ultimately shake out. If only this doll had been around when I was little to assure me there are scarier things in life than Chucky.

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