7 Franchise Reboots That Should Have Been Video Games Instead

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Look, everyone’s a critic. But in this day and age, we’ve grown tired of franchise reboots. Sure, a brand is a brand, kids buy toys, and Harrison Ford is still alive and crash landing airplanes. We get it. But constant re-hash is something I only want to receive at my local Denny’s. That doesn’t mean our beloved franchises have to suffer and end up like The Lone Ranger, though (sorry, Lone Ranger). We just have to enjoy them in different ways, like, say, in video games! It doesn’t always work out for everyone though (sorry again, Lone Ranger), so we’ve compiled a list of franchises that can still offer up fan service away from their usual mediums. Listen up Hollywood, ’cause we’re going to save you some time, money and a lot of mean YouTube comments.

Franchise Reboots That Should Have Been Video Games Instead

1. Ghostbusters

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This was probably the internet’s biggest victory as far as trolling a movie to death. Die-hards were outraged on the reboot cashing in on the Ghostbusters name. Even the cameos were unnecessary.  The good news is that a decent game was made back in 2009 that fans would declare a worthy successor to the original two films. So why not make more? With the passing of Harold Ramis, the franchise would need to learn to be without it’s beloved Egon, but with most of the core cast and creators still around to lend voices and likenesses, that and a proton pack are more than enough for bustin’ to make us feel good again. Or we can just suffer more cameos.

2. Indiana Jones

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Speaking of terrible sequels, there’s everyone’s favorite aging adventurer Indiana Jones. If his last movie was any indication, we think Hollywood had their chance. And no, this doesn’t mean we need to recast old man Harrison. Honestly, who could replace him? There hasn’t been a decent Indy game arguably ever. Popular series like Uncharted and Tomb Raider prove that the adventures don’t have to be over for Dr. Jones. Just imagine a full graphical rendering of a youthful Harrison Ford, donning the fedora and whip again. Did you do it? Did your face melt off? Thought so.

3. X-Men

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Now that Hugh Jackman’s hung up the… tanktop and jeans… it’s safe to say we could use more X-Men games in our lives. The reboot… err alternate timeline movies… while super confusing, haven’t been bad per se, but if there’s one universe where games have always been welcomed, it’s the X-Men. Much like the movies, the best, latest X-Men games have revolved only around Sir Snikt himself. But with a universe so deep in roster, it’s a shoo-in for an epic team-based co-op game. Heck, we’d even take a game based off of the true gem of the 90’s cartoon.

4. The Matrix

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Pretty sure this series was wrapped up nice and tight, right? There’s probably not much more we need to see from The Matrix. Well, aside from this.  So why reboot it? Why not let the series be more immersive? What’s more The Matrix than plugging yourself INTO the Matrix via a kickass VR game? Sure, there have been attempts at Matrix games, ones we’ve even enjoyed, but isn’t it time for some… upgrades?

5. 24

Photo: Photo: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe / 2K Games

FOX reset the clock on one of their best thrill-dramas this past year. Only problem was, they asked fans to root for someone that wasn’t Jack Bauer.  I mean, are they insane? It’s Jack Bauer! The series doesn’t appear to be going further for another season in that direction, so we’re hoping with an aging Kiefer Sutherland, maybe we can get another proper 24 game so Jack can live to fight out another day. So where is it, FOX? WHERE?!

6. Die Hard

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Okay, so you can’t blame them for trying to do more in this series. Die Hard: Year One sounds intriguing, but we fear for another 24 scenario. Without Bruce Willis, it’s just not Die Hard. Even Willis started to stale on the series, or maybe people like when John McClane punches sound like a gunshot, we don’t know. Point is, sometimes enough is enough. A solid action movie should be grounds for a solid action video game. After some attempts, we believe if the series wants to continue, they should put us in the shoes (or no shoes) of John McClane, grab some Bruce Willis voiceover, and let us save the day once again.

7. Terminator

Photo: Atari

This goes without saying: Ol’ Arnie’s… well, old. And not menacing at all anymore. But he clearly still loves the character and the world, so why not give him a righteous game treatment? Nobody’s quite hit the sweet spot yet. So go get that Austrian monotone voice-acting, drum out that theme song, craft an original story and let us blow the hell out of some robots in a realistic open world. Oh, and please bring back legendary villain Robert Patrick for the T-1000 role! Even though it’s been done before.

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