Idris Elba is Coming Back For ‘Luther’ Season 5

It’s been two years since Idris Elba said goodbye to his signature role on BBC America’s Luther, but nothing is ever over in the era of Peak TV! DCI John Luther is getting a comeback, and Elba has signed up for a new season of Luther.

Earlier today, BBC officially announced that Luther season 5 will begin filming in 2018 for a four-episode run written by series creator Neil Cross, with Elba reprising his role as the title character. In a brief statement to BBC, Cross shared his thoughts on why he revisited the series once again. “Because we love John and wonder what he’s up to,” explained Cross. “And as for me, I’m scared of the monsters. The face at the window. The hand under the bed. The shadow at the end of the street. Who’s going to stop them, if not John Luther? The thing is, we’ve been asking ourselves the same question. Now what? Luther’s coming back. That’s what.”

Elba added that “Neil, the BBC and I have been talking about a further season and I am thrilled that we have been able to bring it all together. I look forward to putting the coat back on.”

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BBC America President Sarah Barnett added her thoughts as well: “Luther is compulsive, unnerving television. Neil Cross, Idris Elba and the team are geniuses and we all wait with bated breath to see what happens next in this blindingly brilliant show.”

As happy as we are to see Luther return to television, our wishlist for the new season has only one thing on it: Alice Morgan, the brilliant and deadly woman played by Ruth Wilson on the series. Wilson did not return for the fourth season, which attempted to convince viewers that Alice had been killed off. But we’ve never wanted to believe that such an interesting character would be dispatched off screen.

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Photo Credits: BBC America


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