Here’s A Family In A Waffle House Brawl Because Only In America

Photo: YouTube

With the fourth of July just a few weeks away it’s time we show you a video that really represents America in a nutshell. This video involves a Waffle House, a brawl, someone yelling “World Star,” and a bunch of things being thrown around. Yep, America.

The fight below occurred at a Waffle House in Pennsylvania and shows five women acting like total idiots as punches are thrown and hair is pulled. Oh, and utensils and other items are thrown as well. Check out the classy broads below.

Here’s A Family In A Waffle House Brawl Because Only In America

What a show.

Apparently the brawl involved members of one family against three other women. Thanks to this video, five women that are all related were arrested. So 37-year-old Tyneisha Shivers, 56-year-old Deborah Shivers, 37-year-old Tonisha Shivers, 25-year-old Mercedes Shivers and 31-year-old Latonia Shivers were all busted and charged with disorderly conduct.

Nice job, girls. I’m sure you can bring up this incident at every family function from now on. This is definitely something that no one in this family will be forgetting anytime soon.

h/t The Smoking Gun

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