Terry Crews Shouted at us About Crackdown 3 at E3 2017

Terry Crews was on hand to shout at those in attendance about Crackdown 3 in a brand new gameplay trailer.

Crews, a noted gamer who most recently launched a campaign to become the voice of Doomfist in Overwatch, introduced the brand new trailer to those watching the Microsoft presentation in the Los Angeles Convention Center and at home. The gameplay trailer featured more explosive action from the upcoming sequel, which will see Microsoft Studios return to its exclusive series for the first time since 2010’s underwhelming Crackdown 2.

Taking on the role of the game’s protagonist Commander Jaxon, Crews informs the viewer: “Today you’re throwing grenades… tomorrow you’ll be throwing cars.” Crews’s appearance in the trailer marks his next high-profile foray into gaming, with him having garnered a lot of attention online last year as a result of him asking fans for help with building a gaming PC. Since creating the PC, Crews has appeared on Twitch streams alongside his son, playing games such as Rocket League.

Here’s what Crews looked like barking instructions from the audience in LA:



As far as Crackdown 3 is concerned, Microsoft is still remaining tight-lipped about the game, with it receiving very little coverage outside of its now annual appearance at E3. At least this year Microsoft finally gave us a release date, with Crackdown 3 officially launching on November 7, 2017.

The game was unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 2017 presentation, in which the company also unveiled the upcoming Xbox One X. Branded the “most powerful console ever,” the console’s improved hardware allows its games to run at a native 4K resolution, with every game premiered during their presentation running in ultra HD as a result. Though Crackdown 3‘s highly stylized, cartoon graphics are hardly the best way to show off the new console’s capabilities, its cloud-based destruction technology will definitely demonstrate its impressive computing power.

Watch Terry Crews’s appearance in the Crackdown 3 trailer below: