Watch This Woman Catch A Snake In Her House Using A Pillowcase

Just Passing Through. Photo: Zach Frailey (Getty).

Back in the good ol’ days before Twitter ruined pro wrestling, there was a wrestler named Jake “The Snake” Roberts. He was one of the best characters in the WWF (now the WWE) and his gimmick included bringing a huge snake to the ring. He even used it to win some matches because it’s pro wrestling and of course you have to use a snake to win some matches.

When Jake needed to corral his snake, he put it in a cloth bag and carried it around like you’d expect a badass to do. Looks like the lady in the following video studied up on some of Jake Roberts’ techniques.

Woman Single-Handedly Catches Snake In Her House With Pillowcase

A woman in North Carolina came home one day to find someone snuck into her house. It wasn’t a robber looking to take her things or the annoying neighbor who just walks in unexpectedly. No, this intruder was a snake that made itself comfortable in her living room.

According to a video posted by The Washington Post, SunShine McCurry encountered a snake that might have been as long as six feet in length hanging out by her front door. Don’t think for a moment that she freaked out and ran out of the house. Instead, she wrangled it up after saying, “I’m gonn catch this big sumbitch.” Badassery at its finest.

After trapping the snake in the pillowcase, McCurry then walked it outside, talked about how much the thing stinks, and let it go towards a river. This is a nice alternative to what another guy recommended recently when he killed a rattlesnake with his bare hands.

So remember, if you ever want to catch a snake, make sure you watch several hours of Jake the Snake highlights and have a pillowcase with you.

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