Young Man Dies In Bridge Stunt Gone Horribly Wrong (NSFW Imagery)

Photo: CEN

Remember when we ridiculed those teens who thought it was a totally cool idea to stealthily climb the Golden Gate Bridge and do a bunch of ridiculous stunts that could easily turn them into street pizza with one faulty move? Well, we’re not going to say I told you so seeing as how this was a completely separate incident, but let’s just say their are consequences to such brash, foolhardy decisions. In this case, of the deadly variety.

While the victim in the following video has yet to be identified, what is known is that it was a young man believed to be in his teens to early 20s. The botched stunt took place in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev. An eyewitness captured the fatal fall on their smartphone. As we’re pronged to do since you never know what you’re about to see on the internet, we warn you that what you are about to see is incredibly disturbing. Not only does the young daredevil fall from the top of a bridge, but he hits a metal beam on the way down. Consider yourselves warned.

Young Man Dies In Bridge Stunt Gone Horribly Wrong (NSFW)

It is rumored that the reason for the fall was that the young man was simply too tired from climbing the bridge to shimmy across the bars or whatever exactly he was trying to accomplish. Sadly, thanks to such reckless decision making, we’ll never know.

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