Watch The Moment A Water Pipe Explodes In Ukraine

Photo: LiveLeak

Wait, did somebody feed this pipe something from Taco Bell?

According to LiveLeak, if you live in Kiev, Ukraine and parked your vehicle in this parking lot just before 2 p.m. Monday afternoon, well, it wasn’t the best day for you or your car. That’s because hydraulic testing performed on the water pipes below the pavement created a massive “mushroom asphalt” explosion that shot water, earth and debris into the sky as high as six stories above the ground in some spots and destroyed pretty much everything nearby.

Watch The Moment A Water Pipe Explodes In Ukraine

For her sake, let’s hope the young lady out for an afternoon walk quickly turned that into a sprint and got the hell out of there before suffering any serious injuries.

The pipes city officials were testing have been there since 1979, and although we’re not water pipe experts, our best guess is that they failed the test. Authorities have said that they will reimburse anybody who was affected by the blast, which means that pool company across the street might be able to survive the summer even though they probably won’t be installing pools anytime in the near future.

Just another shitty day in Russia. Literally: Sewage Truck Has Too Much Crap In It, Explodes In Middle Of Street