Driver Somehow Lives After She’s T-Boned By A Dump Truck

Photo: YouTube

Just like this cyclist somehow survived getting hammered by a police car, the woman in the video below is also lucky to be alive after she was smashed into by a dump truck.

The incident occurred in Bellevue, Washington, and involves an out-of-control truck that lost its brakes while on a hill, which forced it to go right through a red light, and smash into the woman’s Honda Accord as she crossed the intersection. The crash was so intense it sent both of them flying into the woods. And yet everyone survived.

Take a look at the crazy video below.

That woman sure is lucky that she survived. And kudos to the other drivers for stopping to check out if a fellow human was OK — we need more of that.

According to a commenter on the video, a person claiming to be this woman’s friend says the driver only suffered cuts, bruises and a broken foot, while the driver of the truck was not injured at all.

Look at the aftermath of this woman’s poor car below.

h/t The Drive

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