Good Movies From the 21st Century That Are Criminally Underseen

Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Quite a lot of people complain that Hollywood makes only the same, predictable, mostly comic-book movies, and they are not wrong in a way. But that doesn’t mean that there are no good new movies to watch as a lot of quality doesn’t reach the deserved quantity of audiences for various reasons. Sometimes the critics undermine it, other times there’s the lack of promotion or an unlucky release date, but there are good movies released constantly.

From the brink of the new century until now, there have been quite a few good movies that have been seen almost only by the production staff’s families, hopefully, this article will slightly help right these wrongs.

Trance (2013)

One of the most peculiar inclusions on the list seeing how Trance is directed by one of the worlds’ top 10 director Danny Boyle and stars James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent Cassel. Despite this, an estimated $20,000,000 budget and its high production value, the movie made only $2,319,187 in the United States. Even the genres the movie falls into are considered popular amongst the movie goers, so it’s surprising how this crime, drama mystery didn’t catch more eyes.

Grandma’s Boy (2006)

Surely one of the best comedies of the century is inexplicably unpraised since it has a wacky premise, vivid characters, proven comedic cast, and highly quotable lines. Set in the world of video game testing, things get pretty adult and ludicrous when the main character, a 35-year-old tester, moves in with his grandma and tries to impress his hot new boss. One of rare good comedy movies that wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for a single role – Joel David Moore’s representation of J.P., arguably the best comedic character of the century.

Photo: Lightning Entertainment

Quite possibly the least known film of this bunch of misfits, boasting an array of actors familiar from episodic TV show roles and the only movie of its director and writer. What can be looked like the real, gritty version of Kick-Ass, eventually offers so much more, like a funny cop duo, lifelike acting, mystery elements, the smart building of a unique story, and a very smart ending. Also, the cool factor of Boy Wonder can’t be denied and has this been a popular movie we would have a lot of merchandise, Halloween masks, and Facebook cover photos’ with its mark.

I Origins (2014)

Having a total gross in the US of $334,658 masks the fact of how much I Origins became an important film to a large proportion of people who did see it. One of the newest movies that gathered a proper cult following, I Origins couldn’t have done that if it was just a sci-fi, romance, or a drama movie. Combined, it goes deeper than all big studio movies are allowed too, and it deals with the biggest of themes that are ever going to be relevant, which is a guarantee that the movie won’t be always underseen.

London (2005)

One of the rare good love movies that actually deals with the realistic aspect of relationships, completely opposite of the dreamy romance movies we’re bombarded with. With an estimated budget of 14,000 British pounds and the star power big studio movies can’t brag with, London grossed $12,667 in the US. Amazing performances of Chris Evans and Jason Statham sadly went completely under the radar, as this dialogue-based raw depiction of modern love hardships surely doesn’t deserve.