25 Excellent Sex Comedies from the Days of Yore

There was a time when the libido of the young American white male was perhaps the most revisited topic in Hollywood. As the sexual excess of the 1970s trickled down to the younger generation of the 1980s, and the popularity of films like Deep Throat opened a new generation to a grand new vista of sex within their media, and filmmakers began more openly exploring the way the conversations about sex suddenly blew open for these young people. As it turns out, though, while the conversation was now more open and open-minded, the young people were just as awkward, unsure of themselves, and desperately horny as they always were.

As such, the early 1980s saw an explosion of sex comedies, largely about young white men, all seeking to either lose their virginity or simply get laid as much as possible. Finally, we now saw, the dunderheaded and embarrassing quest to have sex could be shown in all its silly, dumb, stupid glory.

A generation later, and young people now became treated to yet a further level sexual saturation in their media. We had an audience being raised on 1980s teen sex comedies, all rated R, all featuring a huge amount of nudity, and all openly and crassly cussing about sex. It was a glorious time to be an adolescent, and horny young audiences now had on-screen peers they could be embarrassed with.

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

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In the internet age, a lot of sex comedies have become more chaste – actors and actresses are now a little more reserved about stripping nude in an age when their bodies can easily make it online – but the spirit is still alive. Indeed, the new R-rated Baywatch aims to bring a lot of the crassness back into comedy, and is certainly ambitious enough to boldly insert breasts and pecs into the action. Much of the cast of Baywatch will at least be clad in swimsuits throughout.

This is excuse enough to look through the grand history of sex comedies, and recall some of our favorites. The following is a list of the most memorable installments in the genre. Some of them are legit classics, some are just titillating fun. All of them are well remembered by a sex-soaked teenage mind somewhere.

Twenty-Five Excellent Sex Comedies from the Days of Yore

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