Exclusive Preview | ‘The Power of the Dark Crystal’ # 3

It’s a big day for fans of Jim Henson’s cult classic, The Dark Crystal. While the new series on Netflix will explore the past, The Dark Crystal had a movie sequel in development for many years. Earlier this year,  Archaia began publishing that script as a twelve-issue event miniseries: The Power of The Dark Crystal.

Many decades have passed since the heroes of the first film, Jen and Kira, succeeded in their quest. But their time in power has left them colder than before and almost indifferent to the plight of their people. There is a sickness in the land, and young Fireling named Thurma has a rather extreme solution. She wants the Dark Crystal to once again be shattered. Last issue, Thurma made her case to Jen and Kira and even bonded with Kensho. However, Thurma’s plans had unexpected consequences. With the shattering of the crystal, their ultimate enemy has been unleashed. Skeksis is back.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from The Power of The Dark Crystal # 3, Thurma realizes her opportunity to steal a shard of the Dark Crystal as Skeksis and his companions adjust to freedom after a century of confinement. All Jen can hope for is the chance to lock Skeksis away before he fully understands where he is, but it may already be too late to stop Skeksis from coming into power once again.

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This issue was written by Simon Spurrier, with art by Kelly and Nichole Matthews, who also drew the main cover. Jae Lee provided the subscription cover. Here’s the official description from Archaia:

While Jen and Kira deal with the chaos the Skeksis have wrought on the castle, Thurma and Kensho are out in the wilds of Thra on the run from the Crystal Guard, unaware that something far more treacherous followed their trail: the Chamberlain.

The Power of The Dark Crystal # 3 will be released on Wednesday, May 24 in comic book stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Archaia. 


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