Exclusive Preview | ‘Dark Matter’ Season 3 Episode 5

Once, the crew of the Raza were the most feared mercenaries in the galaxy. But since the first episode of Syfy’s Dark Matter, they’ve become the closest things to heroes that this universe is gonna get! Bereft of their memories and their identities, the crew literally became new people. But not everyone has survived the transition. There has been betrayal and loss, and the road to redemption is far from over. And if last week’s episode is any indication, there may be a very dark future ahead.

This season, the crew has made an alliance of sorts with Adrian Maro (Mishka Thébaud). But even he has baggage to deal with, as you can see in our exclusive preview scene from this week’s episode of Dark Matter. UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping is guest starring as Goren, a ruthless man who is holding Ambrosia hostage to use as leverage against Adrian. And Goren is so dangerous (or so stupid) that he actually threatens Two (Melissa O’Neil) as well.

Not. Smart. But we’re looking forward to seeing Two kick his ass!

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Here’s the official description of the episode from Syfy:

“The crew of the Raza track a data file across the galaxy in an attempt to strike a blow against Ferrous, and save the life of a young woman.”

The next episode of Dark Matter will premiere this Friday, June 30 at 9pm on Syfy.

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Photo Credit: Syfy