13 Pieces of Movie History Every Man, Woman and Child Needs to Know

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Much can be said about movies, most of it rotten reviews of good movies (and vice versa), an array of underqualified bloggers telling you things you already know or don’t want to. But these pieces of movie history, however, are little nuggets of information every man, woman and child must know. Without these, we’re just worthless, rambling idiots with no good reason for existing.

There’s nothing quite like long drunken nights of movie trivia, the uncovering of historical cinematic gems that fascinate and elate us. It’s just endless unplanned surprises on set, our favorite scenes simplified and ruined for us, terrible actors who were almost cast as our favorite iconic roles (Richard Gere in Die Hard, really?) or the fact that Quentin Tarantino is such a stoner that he puts 4:20 on all the clocks in Pulp Fiction.

We pulled together some of the most quintessential pieces of movie history we thought you should know, but it doesn’t matter what kind of movies you like (classic, new, thought-provoking, fast or furious) because we’ve got a little bit of everything in here for you. And you better fricking love it!

Pieces of Movie History Every Man, Woman and Child Needs to Know

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