Exclusive Preview | ‘All-Star Batman’ # 10

As you know, All-Star Batman is a comic that includes a backup story every month. And this month, fans are in for an unexpected treat as Rafael Albuquerque flexes his writing muscles in a tale co-written by Rafael Scavone, with art by Sebastián Fiumara.

In this adventure, Batman learns that a low level Russian mobster named Alexey “Knockout” Nokaut has been summoned home to take a larger role in his family’s criminal organization. Naturally, Batman takes the opportunity to disguise himself as Alexey and infiltrate the Russian mob. But first, the family wants “Knockout” to prove his skills in the ring, and Batman’s gonna have to fight his way out without exposing who he really is.

All-Star Batman 10 page 26All-Star Batman 10 page 27

Fiumara also drew a variant cover for this issue that ties directly into this story. You’ll be meeting the woman in this image very shortly, but let’s just say that even Batman was very impressed!

All-Star Batman 10 Fiumara variant cover

The main cover for All-Star Batman #10 and its other variant were both drawn by Albuquerque.

All-Star Batman 10 coverAll-Star Batman 10 Albuquerque variant cover

All-Star Batman # 10 will be released this Wednesday, May 10, in comic stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by DC Comics.