Utah Jazz Mascot Levels Clippers Fan Who Cheated To Beat A Kid In A Bubble Race

Grown-ups are the worst.

Imagine being a kid at an NBA basketball game, taking in a unique experience and building memories with your mom and/or dad. And then, you get called down by team officials to participate in a fun on-the-court activity that includes racing around the floor in a giant bubble. Sounds great, right?!

But then you realize some douchebag adult is racing against you. It’s clear he’s stronger and faster than you, so you’re not expecting much out of the race other than saying you got to run around on the court in front of thousands of people. So you start the race and, all of a sudden, Doucher McDoucherstein adult cheats by pushing you down so he can win the race. What an asshole, you think to yourself, daring not to say it out loud because you don’t want your parents to scold you.

Luckily, you’re a fan of the home team and the jerk who pushed you is a fan of the away team. That being the case, your team’s mascot has your back and won’t tolerate somebody from the outside ruining your good time. So what does that mascot do? Well, he goes into beast mode and trucks this guy with a full sprint and shoulder check. Boom, justice served.

Utah Jazz Mascot Levels Clippers Fan Who Cheated To Beat A Kid In A Bubble Race

This was the case for a young Utah Jazz fan who was bullied by a guy in a Los Angeles Clippers jersey during a game break. Moments after the Clippers fan pushed the kid down, Jazz mascot “Jazz Bear” ran down the guy as he stood in his bubble and completely floored him.

Maybe next time don’t be an asshole to a home team kid. Jazz Bear won’t stand for it.

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