Dude Eats 255 Peeps In 5 Minutes And Now You Can Throw Up

Photo: YouTube

If you thought that these eating challenges will destroy your guts, then you haven’t seen what competitive eater Matt Stonie recently did.

So what’s one of the worst things ever invented? You got it, Peeps. No one likes Peeps, and they are one of the worse things about Easter. After their horrifying mascot. But Stonie likes them just fine — he likes them enough to set a world record by eating 255 of them in just five minutes.

Who is Stonie? Well he’s just a competitive eater who is ranked second (Joey Chesnut is of course ranked number one), so this guy is no joke. This dude holds records for downing massive quantities of food like pancakes, Moon Pies and even Big Macs. So it’s no surprise that Stonie was also able to down this disgusting treat down.

Check out the master at work in the video below. That is if your stomach can handle it.

Dude Eats 255 Peeps In 5 Minutes And Now You Can Throw Up

Since one Peep quickly leads to diabetes, I’m just going to assume that Stonie dropped dead a few minutes later.

But still, this is quite the feat, so kudos, Stonie. Kudos.

h/t Mashable

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