Exclusive Preview | ‘Rogue’ Season 4 Episode 4

For the final season of the Audience Network original series Rogue, the only thing that Ethan Kelly wanted was to come home and run his bar. But it’s not just the past coming for Ethan, since he has quite a talent for getting into trouble!

In addition to the vengeful Mia Rochland tracking him across the country, Ethan has fallen under the thumb of a dirty cop named Casey Oaks. Of course, Ethan just can’t take that lying down, and he’s started his own investigation into Oaks to find leverage that he can use against him. In the course of those actions, Ethan came across Detective Clea Annou and assumed that she was also dirty. However, Ethan has come around to the idea that he and Clea may not be enemies. In fact, she’s already investigating Oaks from a different angle over his connection to a series of suspicious deaths.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview scene from this week’s Rogue, Ethan is pulled over by Clea after breaking into Oaks’ home. And she’s understandably skeptical about his claims that he is her best bet to take down Oaks…but only if she calls the ADA and doesn’t arrest him.

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Audience Network has also released the following description for this week’s episode of Rogue:

“Ethan scrambles to raise money to pay off Mia. Mia targets Ray’s kids and convinces Sadie to help. Clea searches for the trafficked girls. Patrick surveils Ethan in the hopes of catching Mia.”

The next episode of Rogue season 4 will be broadcast Wednesday, April 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Audience Network.

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Photo Credit: Audience Network