Ohio Man Jumps To His Death From Courthouse Balcony Before Trial For Murder

Screenshot: LiveLeak

Once a coward, always a coward.

Robert Seman Jr. was a terrible person — a garbage on legs, as he was being accused of not only raping a 10-year-old girl, but later setting fire to her house, killing her and her grandparents in order to get rid of witnesses. All of this occurred in 2015, and yesterday this gross thing decided to kill himself instead of facing his punishment.

Ohio Man Jumps To His Death From Courthouse Balcony Before Trial For Murder

The 48-year-old was being returned to jail after a pretrial hearing at the Mahoning County Courthouse, when he ran from officers, somehow got his gross body over the fourth floor balcony and jumped to his death as his body hit the floor.

Oh, and it was caught on camera. Tape a look at Seman’s cowardly move thanks to the LiveLeak video below.

And just like that the coward was gone.

Seman’s trial on murder, burglary and arson charges was set for April 17, and he would have faced the death penalty if convicted. But now he’s saved everyone a lot of time and money. Seman was being charged with the murders of 10-year-old Corrine Gump, and her grandparents, 63-year-old William Schmidt, and 61-year-old Judith Schmidt.

Let’s hope this a-hole’s death gives the family some sort of peace, as they know another bag of trash is off the earth. Good riddance.

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