Ever Seen A Guy Beat A Video Game With Bananas Before?

Photo: Twitch / TheSuperScrubs

There are any number of things gamers do that the majority of them can relate to. The Dark Souls 3 fanatic below, however, is in a league all his own, and is most certainly the type of guy who would deny sex to his extremely attractive girlfriend just to play more. Why would we make such a brash assumption? Well, for starters, the dude has taken the time and energy to literally teach himself to play the damn game using bananas. This automatically qualifies as using way too much of your brain power on something that’s basically useless. And by “basically,” we mean absolutely. Still, it’s pretty interesting from a “playing video games with bananas” perspective.

Guy Plays Video Game Using Bananas

And there you have it. Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Then again, we’re still not quite sure what it is we’re seeing exactly, but it appears to be working.

You can check out the full video with sound on TheSuperScrubs Twitch page, nerds.

h/t The Next Web

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