Woman Thrown Across Room After Car Crashes Through Animal Hospital

Photo: YouTube

And the video is nuts.

It’s always a shock when these types of incidents occur, but it makes it even more shocking when video of it is captured, and we can all see what went down. That is why it was crazy to see video of police run over a woman who was shooting at them, and it was nuts to see video of this hostage situation at a Florida bank. But now it’s time to see video of the moment that a car comes crashing through an animal hospital.

The video, taken at the Noah’s Ark Companion Animal Hospital in Franklin, North Carolina, shows what looks like a pretty typical workday. But things quickly turn into chaos when a driver puts her foot down on the accelerator instead of the brake, and plows through the office, sending the office’s manager flying across the room.

Check out this insane footage thanks to Storyful.

Well that was nuts. Even more nuts? Everyone was OK and somehow unharmed, including the four dogs that were behind the desk. Hell, even the clueless driver was OK.

Two dogs were trapped underneath the rubble and the car, but they also were unharmed. Talk about luck.

And this is how it looked like from the outside.

Photo: Franklin Fire Rescue

And here’s one more look.

Photo: Franklin Fire Rescue

Well, we’re just glad that everyone is OK. And please, for the love of everything that is holy, can someone please teach that driver the difference between an accelerator and a brake?

h/t Daily Mail

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