Here’s A Video Of A Dude Breaking His Leg While On The Leg Press

Photo: YouTube

So this is what happens when you skip leg day for a few days and try to make it all up in one day.

If you thought watching this dude’s arm break while arm wrestling was tough to watch, you might have trouble watching this video of a dude trying to impress everyone by attempting to handle a bunch of weight that he obviously couldn’t deal with. According to the video, the guy on this leg press machine was trying to leg press 1,200 pounds. Yep, 1,200. And let’s just say that he completely failed, and it was totally obvious. How was it obvious? Well, it’s pretty clear that his leg snaps, as 1,200 pounds fall on his shattered leg.

Now the video gives you a heads up beforehand, but I’m going to give you a heads up as well: some folks might find this video pretty tough to watch, and you might feel pretty damn week afterwards. But, if you’re into this kind of stuff…enjoy!

Here’s A Video Of A Dude Breaking His Leg While On The Leg Press

Well that was super gross and horrible to watch. But of course, that dude has no one to blame but himself. And now he has to spend the next couple of weeks taking a bath with a garbage bag wrapped around his leg cast. And hey, these athletes who suffered gruesome injuries know what that is like.

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