The Top 25 Best Disney Villain Songs

While all the Disney heroes are out crooning about falling in love, the villains are having all the real fun. They’re the cocky characters, the clever con artists, the folks who make bad deeds seem (at least temporarily) appealing, and as such pretty much all of their musical numbers tend to be either toe-tapping ballads to their own personal greatness or catchy commercial jingles that are cleverly trying to sell you something.

That’s why everybody knows that, with rare exceptions, the Disney villain songs are almost always the best. They’re smarmy and charming and a little bit naughty, the sort of playful wickedness your parents didn’t mind you indulging in because everyone knows the heroes always win at the end. Never mind that you weren’t thinking that far ahead. You were too caught up in all that insidious charisma.

Also: Alan Menken and the Art of Disney Villain Songs (Interview)

We recently spoke to composer Alan Menken about his long and impressive history of writing great villain songs, and of course it made us nostalgic for all the classics, and for some obscure Disney ditties that we think deserve a lot more attention. So we’ve put together our definitive ranking of all the greatest Disney villain songs, animated and live-action, from the entire history of the studio.

You can probably guys some of the songs that ranked highly, but we’d be surprised if you guessed all of the Disney villain songs that made it on our list. So let’s take a particularly wicked trip down memory lane, starting with…

The Top 25 Best Disney Villain Songs:

Top Photo: Disney

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