Exclusive Video | Grant Gustin on ‘The Flash’ & ‘Supergirl’ Musical

Later this month, The CW’s Supergirl and The Flash are getting together for another crossover. Except this time, it’s going to be a musical episode, which plays into the talents of Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin, both of whom previously starred on Fox’s Glee. But they’re not getting all of the fun. DC Legends of Tomorrow’s Victor Garber and John Barrowman are both dropping in for musical numbers, while The Flash’s Jesse L. Martin and Carlos Valdes will represent their show. From Supergirl, only Jeremy Jordan is confirmed to be singing, although both David Harewood and Chris Wood will appear.

To promote his appearance in the crossover, Gustin appeared on this week’s episode of DC All Access, where he spoke to host Tiffany Smith. But not everything made it into the episode. That’s why CraveOnline is exclusively debuting this clip of Gustin talking about his past with Wood, and pointing out that this is the first time that they’ve been reunited on a major set.

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DC All Access also debuted its newest episode today, and it features the rest of the interview with Gustin as host Tiffany Smith visits the set of the Flash/Supergirl musical crossover. There’s a lot of info about the episode’s storyline here, so beware of spoilers! Smith and co-host Whitney Moore run down the latest DC news and comics.

The Flash‘s musical crossover episode with Supergirl will premiere on Tuesday, March 21 on The CW.

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Photo Credit: DC Comics.