Everybody Loved This Twerking Spring Breaker Except For The Cop Who Pushed Her Off His ATV

Photo: Instagram

You see a lot of crazy shit on spring break.

Hell, I once saw a dude missing a third of his back because it was eaten by a shark grinding on some girl during a dance contest on the Coca-Cola stage in Panama City. The next day, I turned around to take a peek at the smoking hotties catching some rays behind me, and I unfortunately saw that one of them had forgotten to insert a tampon before she made her way to the beach.

I even had the chance to be the water boy for a wet T-shirt contest the following year in South Padre Island, and to this day, it is still the only time 12 beautiful women shoved their jugs in my face and begged me to get them wet.

Well, fast forward to Sunday afternoon in Miami Beach, where a good-looking coed decided to put on a show for the boys and girls by hopping onto a policeman’s ATV and shaking her ass like the true twerking queen that she is. It was glorious for everybody onsite as well as the millions who viewed it online.

Well, except for the cop on the ATV:

Well then! I guess a dry hump on the hood of his police cruiser later this week is out of the question.

h/t Local 10 News

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