Marvel Reveals New ‘Darth Vader’ Series Will Launch This Year

Last year, Marvel brought one of the company’s best Star Wars comic books to an end, as Darth Vader ruthlessly dealt with his rivals after the events of A New Hope. Now, the Dark Lord of the Sith is getting a second chance at comic book stardom, in a new Darth Vader ongoing series by writer Charles Soule and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Via, the new series will begin immediately at the end of Revenge of the Sith, as Vader embraces his role as a monster and goes on a quest to get his new lightsaber. “In my head, I call this book Vader: Year One,” explained Soule while speaking to “While the Sith Lord does exist prior to the start of this book, during the final act of Revenge of the Sith, I think this is where his story really begins — at least in the form most people think of when they visualize Darth Vader. As far as what’s going on in his head, here’s my description of his mindset from the original series pitch: “Vader, on some level, knows that he is a monster — he has to know this, because he still has that famous spark of good left somewhere deep inside him.” He knows (again, probably unconsciously) that the moment he allows himself to even consider a path that isn’t complete and utter darkness, he’ll fall.”

Darth Vader 1 cover

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Fans of Star Wars Rebels may be excited to hear that Soule also plans on revealing how the Jedi hunting Inquisitors came to be formed in the aftermath of the Jedi purge. “It’s such a big part of the Star Wars canon now, especially in Rebels, and being able to explain and give more depth to it is a dream. This whole series is like that — answering huge questions about the construction of Palpatine’s Empire and his tools. Not just Vader, but the Inquisitors, the military, Imperial society, etc. I am a lucky writer.”

Darth Vader # 1 will be released in June.

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Photo Credit: Marvel Comics