4-Year-Old Ohio Girl Nearly Blown Away By Massive Wind Gust

If someone were to ask you to encompass the Mission: Impossible franchise with a single action, most of you would probably go the “dangling from a wire an inch off of the ground” route. Then again, that’s a really weird thing for someone to request of someone. After all, we’re not all mischievous raccoons stealing donuts.

Wow, did that intro ever get off track. Way to lose your audience immediately. The point I was trying to make is that there’s a new Ethan Hawke in town, and he’s no longer hanging from ceiling rafters. He’s holding onto the sides of planes as the rushing winds try to blow him away into oblivion. Also, he’s no longer Tom Cruise, but a 4-year-old girl from Ohio named Madison Gardener. Still confused? Of course you are. But the following video posted by Madison’s mother on Facebook after a windy day in the Midwest should clear everything up.

Brittany recalls the ordeal her daughter went through with a caption she posted along with the video which read, “All I hear is ‘mommm!’ So I looked back and she’s pinned between the house and the glass door. She is okay and laughing along with it!

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So the good news is Madison is OK. The bad news is the little adrenaline junkie will likely never feel a rush quite like that again.

via ABC News