Guy’s Plan To Release Mouse Into Wild Has A Terrible Ending

Photo: Instagram

Listen, mice are gross, and I’ve seen plenty of them in the subway and on the NYC streets. And I honestly don’t want them hanging out in my kitchen like it’s a 24 hours a day diner. Well, it is for me, but not for them. And even then, it’s hard not to feel bad for this mouse who had dreams of living out his life in the wild. Keep reading to see what we mean.

The dude below must have found a mouse near his house or his property, or perhaps he just loves mice so much because instead of killing it while yelling and fearing for his life like a normal person, this guy decided to trap  a mouse and set out to release it in the wild where it could live to see another day.

Well, that plan didn’t really go that well. Take a look at the video to check out how this plan turns out.

Guy’s Plan To Release Mouse Into Wild Has A Terrible Ending

Oh indeed, dude. Well then, that was quite the rough ending for this poor mouse. Here’s hoping he’s on his way to rat heaven where he can bathe in cheese and hang out in all the McDonald’s cups and dresses he wants to.

h/t Dude Comedy

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