Best Sex Songs of the ’90s

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While it may be true that the ’90s were quite a depressing era when it came to music due to the emergence of grunge and various other alternative movements, it doesn’t mean that a lot of these songs weren’t great for love-making. Songs became a lot more creative – sometimes darker, sometimes jokingly casual, sometimes psychedelic, and they all brought something of their own to the mix. To try and paint a picture, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best sex songs of the ’90s, along with some potential situations you may use them in. Take a look and see if you can use any or all of them.

Madonna – Beautiful Stranger

This 1999 Madonna hit song is perfect for that time when you’ve brought an unknown girl back home and need something to break the silence and say everything you’re really thinking off. As you might have guessed, Madonna talks in the song about her infatuation with a mysterious, yet beautiful stranger. Simply smile your way through the song’s lyrics and your date might just get the message.

U2 – Love Is Blindness

Obviously, this is the song that you will play after a blind date that went fairly well. Even if she doesn’t understand the symbolism, she will appreciate the mellow and romantic tone of this slow ’90s ballad that culminated with the singer’s melancholic, melodic groans (like pretty much all U2 songs). Love Is Blindness is a great choice for slow considerate love-making in the true sense of the word.

Michael Jackson – Who Is It?

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Michael Jackson was one of those people who always seemed non-confrontational and somewhat fragile, but he also had a way of dealing with a cheating partner. Who Is It is a song from the 1991 album Dangerous where Michael demands to hear the name of his girl’s lover with his high-pitched trademark voice and some cool tune in the background. You should play this song if you’re about to have makeup or breakup sex. Maybe the latter would be better…

REM – The One I Love

Now, this is a fairly evil song that you should only use if you plan on having cynical sex (yeah, we just made that up) with someone, or you’re in the middle of a breakup. Told from a perspective of a seemingly loving character, The One I Love is actually a confession of a haughty, narcissistic man who uses women as objects. The “fire” in the chorus, however, can be quite cathartic and cleansing.

Pixies – Hey

Truthfully, most of the time, people don’t even know what Pixies’ lyrics are all about. What matters, though, is the tempo and rhythm of their songs. They usually alternate between slow and fast sections and so should you, if you know what we mean. Besides that, if you’ve ever seen that Kevin Smith film controversially called Zack and Miri Make a Porno, you know how great this song is at setting up a scene.

Creed – With Arms Wide Open

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This post-grunge hit ballad of the ’90s is probably the number one baby-maker. In the lyrics, the alcohol-doused singer Scott Stapp welcomes his newborn baby to the world with, yes, you probably guessed it, arms wide open. There is something about these ’90s baritone voices that make girls go crazy, so make sure you’re ready for such a big step before playing this rather suggestive tune.

Massive Attack – Teardrop

Most of you know this 1998 song by Massive Attack thanks to its use in the hit show House M. D., but it can still work wonders on its own. It is an interesting little choice for a late night rumble with your longtime partner as the soft-spoken Elizabeth Fraser sets the entire mood. Complete the experience with a couple of the show’s best episodes and it’s a night well spent.

Haddaway – What Is Love

If you’re into dancing in the bedroom (why, though?) Haddaway’s What Is Love is absolutely the best choice. As it is with most of the songs in the ’90s, this one is also sad at its core, but this type of upbeat sadness only works on a subconscious level. Your girl will feel a lot more emotional without realizing why and, well, emotions play quite a large role in sex, right?

No Doubt – Don’t Speak

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You know how some people are just way too chatty and really don’t know when to shut up? No Doubt decided to put a stop to that with their 1995 song Don’t Speak. Yes, it’s a breakup song in its essence, but the resounding chorus is just the thing you need to tell your partner to tone done her groans, especially if you live in a rented flat with paper-thin walls.

Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

While Leonard Cohen’s original version is far more epic thanks to the powerful choir-enhanced chorus, Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah is a lot sexier. Buckley was an incredibly powerful singer whose sad fate seemed to retroactively reflect in his songs. If you think that this song isn’t for you because you’re an atheist, you missed the point entirely. Love is the religion here and you’re letting your girl know that you have faith in her.

Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight

Considering how Eagle Eye Cherry was basically a one-hit wonder, their song Save Tonight is perfect for a fun one-night stand. With its four chords going round and round, you can’t say this song is really a symphony or another significant musical piece, but just like a one-night stand, it’s short, fun and straight to the point. Plus, the line: “Girl, you know I got to go,” says exactly what you’re thinking the day after.

Bloodhound Gang – Bad Touch

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Probably the most explicitly suggestive song on the list, Bloodhound Gang’s Bad Touch is your obvious choice if you’re in for a somewhat more primal sex experience. The overlaying comedy and weird allusions conceal the true meaning of the song that basically states “Why not?” Hopefully, your date will think the same.

INXS – By My Side

If you happen to need a little help to persuade your loved one into having sex, there’s no better choice than the Australian INXS and late Michael Hutchence’s dominating voice. The song is pretty much courtship 101 that no girl will be able to resist. Combine it with a confident, lustful look and you’re in.

Pearl Jam – Better Man

On the other side, Pearl Jam was always a bit more subtle when it came to courting. Their sad stories and Eddie Vedder’s baritone drove women crazy and still do. Better Man is a cautionary tale of a girl who is too afraid to get out of a bad relationship because she’s afraid she can’t do any better. Well, this is where subconsciously you present yourself as that eponymous better man.

The Rolling Stones – Saint of Me

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Some good old school rock is perfect for those people who don’t want to be “the better men,” but quite the opposite. Considering everything he’s gone through (as far as we know) during his extremely long career, you can be fairly sure that Mick Jagger is not really a saint. Whenever a girl is trying to change you, just put on this song and take her by the hand.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Breaking the Girl

RHCP was such a popular band in the ’90s that most of their songs ended up becoming radio hits and were played pretty much on loop. So, you can’t really invite a ’90s girl to your place and play her Californication now, can you? You got to be just a bit better than that and Breaking the Girl is your best bet. This underrated gem is easily one of their greatest songs with an enchanting hippie feel to it and fantastic gradation throughout.

Faith No More – Evidence

Although it’s debatable what the story in this song is really about, there’s no denying that Mike Patton, FNM’s leading singer is one of the coolest and slickest people out there. This jazzy tune and his out-of-this-world vocals set up a perfect scene for some high-class, elegant love-making (if that’s ever possible). Make sure you wear a suit and offer your girl a cocktail or two.

This was our list of best songs to have sex to in a number of different genres, but now it’s your turn. Tell us what is your favorite ’90s tune for late night fun in the comments below.


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