Junior B Hockey Player Goes Into Crowd To Fight Fan, Doesn’t End Well For Him

Photo: Twitter

Something tells me this dude won’t be sniffing the NHL anytime soon.

There must be plenty of hockey players upset that they aren’t in the NHL, because they are just taking it out on whoever they can. The Erie Community College hockey player took it out against a ref, and this Russian hockey player decided to attack a referee with his hockey stick. But the refs get a break in this story, because the hockey player in the video below decided to aim his sights on a fan.

For some reason, people actually decided to see a junior B hockey game recently between Southern Sting, and the Grand Lake Moose. Now this was the final game of  a five-game play-off, when a penalty shot apparently set off this chaos.

Check out the video below.

The hockey player climbing into the crowd was a forward from Grand Lake Moose, and oh, he might have been upset because his team eventually lost 4-2.

Here’s what the winning team, Southern Sting, had to say about this incident.

Additional security? It seems like you should hire security, because there wasn’t any at all if a player had the time to actually climb into the stands, where he proceeded to get his ass kicked.

Oh, and thanks to that kid who kept yelling “Wooooo,” we don’t know where we would be without your commentary.

h/t Total Pro Sports

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