Best Supporting South Park Characters

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It’s hard to imagine a quartet, real or fictional, better than the gang forever waiting at the snowy bus stop in Colorado – Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. While the boys are awesome as much as it is possible, South Park couldn’t be in its 20th year if the whole insane town didn’t contribute. Supporting South Park characters make the small town America’s black spot for 20 seasons now, and in the very wide variety of auxiliary characters we’ve seen it’s really hard to pick out the 10 best ones.

Awesome South Park Characters Outside the Big Four


A genetically engineered towel made by a corporation that is also the biggest rasta in South Park. Besides smoking weed and giving out towel advice with his high-pitched voice and Southern accent, Towelie is also a book author. Lost Towelie didn’t stop at weed as he got hooked on meth and crack also, but he managed to get to rehab and has been sober so long. That’s probably why we didn’t see him for long, hopefully, some of the boys will go to a pool soon enough.

Butters Stotch

Everyone’s favorite idiot. Butters is really the product of his parents who earn at least an honorable mention as their upbringing style is what made Butters the kind-hearted, pushover that he is. Butters is basically either saying “I don’t know geez Eric” or he is peeing at a urinal. Besides the four boys and Randy, Butters probably has the most episodes that revolve around him and is one of the best-voiced characters in the show.

Jimmy Valmer

Image: South Park Studios

A handicapped kid comedian with a heavy stutter. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone truly don’t have mercy for their characters. But Jimmy is doing more than ok for himself, he was supposed to be a one-shot character in season five’s “Cripple Fight”, yet he stuck around getting several episodes where he was the vocal point. His “Fishsticks” joke became a pop-culture phenomenon in real life almost as much it did in the show.

Tweek Tweak

This character doesn’t appear in the show as much as others on the list, but his single “Gah!” or “Ahhh!” is enough to start loving this 9-year-old stressed out coffee junkie. Tweek’s parents own a coffee shop, so his addiction doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and he is another product of insane parents, as they lace their coffee with Meth. Another blonde boy that has it tough and is often getting manipulated by Cartman, as if the world’s lousiest capitalists underpants Gnomes weren’t enough.  


South Park has been going on so long that even as important characters as Chef are sort of forgotten, and for the longest time, this man voiced by the singer Isaac Hayes was the boys’ main helper and advice giver. Unfortunately, due to the South Park Scientology episodes, the relationship between the creators and Scientologist Hayes deteriorated and the show killed off chef after he turned evil. But that doesn’t nullify all the good he taught the boys, and in that way, us.  


Making Satan gay and wimpy is something that only South Park could do. A former lover of Saddam Hussein is getting used in his relationship and it actually makes you sympathetic towards the Prince of Darkness. But that’s because Satan sometimes really shows his better side like when he’s teaching Stan about addiction. Plus he throws great parties although he acts like a primadonna on them. A little note, check out his abs in earlier episodes, it’s something that the creators managed to sneak past the censors.

Mr. Garrison

If any character has gone through changes as much as the show itself it’s Mr…Mrs…Mr whatever it is now Garrison. Oh right, now he’s the South Park’s version of Donald Trump, which is hilarious, cause in a way Donald Trump resembles a South Park character more than a real politician. From being the boy’s teacher over to being an innovator, woman, and at the end the president of United States of America, Garrison has truly shown that there’s no limit to what a confident idiot can do.

Image: South Park Studios

This guy… If I could get to have a drink with one character out of any show or movie, it would be this middle aged man. Of course, it wouldn’t stop at one drink with Randy, but more likely with him getting arrested and yelling “I thought this was America, what?” with his shirt off. Randy is so popular that he even won the official South Park characters showdown organized in playoff fashion, with the fans voting between two options, and he faced Cartman in the final!

Shelly Marsh

It’s between Eric Cartman and Shelly Marsh when it comes to the angriest citizen of South Park, and since Cartman knows how to fake different emotion, the braces-wearing she-devil is the rage-queen of the town. Shelly is based on Trey Parker’s older sister and has been voiced by several actresses, but she always sounds hilariously pissed off while calling Stan and his buddies “turds”. She didn’t get as many of her own episodes, but every second she is on the screen is golden.

Timmy Burch

Ying to Jimmy’s Yang, the former rivals are now great friends, as the comedian realized that liking Timmy isn’t optionable. The confused-looking boy gets around in a wheelchair and speaks only few words, mainly his name and the catchphrase “Livin’ a lie” but that didn’t stop him from starting his own successful business and being in a successful band  Lords of the Underworld. We will never get tired of hearing him say “Timmy”.

What are your favorite supporting South Park characters?

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