Who Is the Hottest Red Head Actress in Hollywood?

Photo: Kevin Mazur (Getty Images)

True redheads are so rare to find, which is why we won’t go into the matters too deep. Hollywood is all about the appearances, so we just thought we’d make a list of the hottest red head actresses in the film industry right now, even if they’re just red in their (or our minds). These actresses are not only astonishingly beautiful, but also quite talented and certainly worth their time on the screen. Take a look at our selection.

Julianne Moore

Photo: Catherine McGann (Getty Images)

We’ll start the list off with one of the most recognizable gingers in Hollywood that has starred in both romantic comedies and action thrillers during her prolific career that’s still going strong. During the 90s, Julianne Moore seemed to be in almost everything. People know her for her portrayal of a hormone-driven partner of Hugh Grant in Nine Weeks, a high-class temporary lover of the protagonist in Big Lebowski, or perhaps running away from dinosaurs next to Jeff Goldblum in the 1997 Jurassic Park. However, in recent years, Julianne’s roles seem to have gotten better and better ultimately resulting in an Academy Award for her terrific performance as a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in 2014 Still Alice. Needless to say, at age 56, Julianne is still one of the hottest redheads in the movie industry and certainly deserves a place on our list.

Gillian Anderson

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Speaking of the 90s, anyone who’s been around a TV set in that period had a good chance of running into one science-loving redhead (no, not Kari Byron from the Mythbusters), Dana Scully, portrayed by the one and only Gillian Anderson. It may shock you to hear that Gillian, who became famous thanks to her redhead role in the X-Files, is actually a blonde that decided to dye her hair to make a greater impact on the show. It seems that her decision paid off as she captured the hearts of countless sci-fi lovers over the years who couldn’t care less about whether shes’s a natural redhead or not. Nearly 50-years-old, Gillian looks better than ever and her appearance in the American Gods testifies to that. She is certainly one of the blondest redheads we know and love.

Christina Hendricks

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

Speaking of another fake redhead that has achieved her popularity as a fiery sex bomb in Mad Men, there’s Christina Hendricks. Though it seems like the only purpose of this article is to crush all of your celebrity dreams, we’re actually just stating the facts. So yes, Christina Hendricks admitted herself that she is not a redhead and that she’s been dying her hair since she was ten. Truth be told, it wasn’t just her hair that made her such a distinct character in the 1960’s marketing drama, but also her voluptuous figure and naturally eye-popping cleavage. In recent years, after the end of the cult series Mad Men, Christina has appeared in a number of films including the sequel to the original, infamous Bad Santa alongside Billy Bob Thornton, Nicolas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon, as well as a few shows like Hap and Leonard, Another Period (and guest starred as an alien entity in the animated classic Rick and Morty). We hope to see more of Christina in the future.

Amy Adams

Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

Well, according to some online sources, Amy Adams is not a redhead, but a strawberry blonde girl, but because we can’t see the difference (strawberries are red, right?), we’ve decided to include this amazing actress on our list. In fact, the first thing that pops to mind when you think of this petite, talented, blue-eyed actress is her long red hair, so who are we to change that? Early on in her career, Amy guest starred in a number of TV shows (including That ’70s Show) but didn’t really make a breakthrough before Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can and the independent acclaimed drama Junebug in 2005. Nowadays she is one of the hottest women in Hollywood (in both senses of the word) starring in such films as The Master, Man of Steel, American Hustle, Big Eyes, as well as the Oscar-nominated Arrival. Considering her age, there’s no doubt that she will continue to rise.

Jessica Chastain

Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

Before 2008, almost no one even heard of Jessica Chastain. She appeared regularly on a couple of TV shows and gave some terrific performances in the theater, but it is her appearance in the 2008 film Jolene that finally brought her under a spotlight. This beautiful red-haired actress has since appeared in a number of films, often choosing harder, more dramatic roles to show off her amazing acting skills. Whether she’s a confident nazi-hunter in 2010’s The Debt, a caring wife worrying about her husband’s increasing delusions in Take Shelter or bringing Shakespeare back in Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus, she always excels. If you were wondering where you could see Jessica next, keep an eye out for The Zookeeper’s Wife coming in late March that promises to be yet another difficult but worthy film experience.

Emma Stone

Photo: Joe Maher (Getty Images)

Then there’s Emma Stone. By now, you’ve probably gotten used to us presenting redheads that aren’t natural redheads, so it’s only fair we stay true to ourselves. Emma Stone, though she pretty much rose to fame thanks to her dark red hair and casual personality in Seth Rogen’s outrageous Superbad, she is actually not a natural redhead, but a blonde (act shocked so we can just move on). That being said, she’s managed to become one of the fastest rising young stars in the industry with a number of great movies behind her like The Help, Birdman, Irrational Man and the latest musical, La La Land that garnered 14 Oscar nominations. Emma is coming up in the world and, regardless of how she decided to dye her hair, to us she’ll always be one extremely hot and talented redhead.

Which red headed actresses would you add to the list? Are they real or just pretending to be ginger?