Hottest Redheads In Hollywood Currently

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Unlike everyday life, and luckily for us, Hollywood does have a lot of beautiful redheads in its ranks. None are more beautiful than these five actresses that we would watch even in three-hour dramas about the see-saw industry. These hottest redheads ignite any screen they appear on and we implore all casting directors to put them in as many movies as possible.

5 Hottest Redheads In Hollywood

Christina Hendricks

The biggest sex bomb out of all these hottest redheads mostly because she has a body figure that looks like its been done in photoshop. The long-standing cast member of the very popular TV show Mad Men, Christina Hendricks seduced the United States and the world with her insane curves and an aristocratic face. The oldest of these famous redheads has piercing blue eyes and tons of class. This is not Instagram account and she doesn’t have one, same as the next hot redhead on our list.

Emma Stone

Probably the most well-known of the hottest Hollywood redheads, Emma Stone has had an early start to her career in a beloved comedy Superbad, before she became one of the biggest actresses on the planet. Her biggest role in La La Land brought her an Oscar, which is just one of many proofs that Emma Stone isn’t just a beautiful redhead, but a very talented performance artist. The 28-year-old is the youngest and the most successful on this list, but is she the hottest?

Jessica Chastain

Arguably the most talented redhead actress, Jessica Chastain was involved in some of the biggest movies of recent years like Interstellar (2014), Zero Dark Thirty (2012), The Martian (2015) and many others Her main asset is her stunning face, but don’t let her classiness fool you, Jessica has a rocking body. A lovely and beloved actress, similar to Lake Bell, but with a much stronger star power, we’re sure that the 40-year-old will look amazing for years to come. It’s hard to decide who’s the hottest in this category, unlike for the blonde actresses, but Jessica Chastain is definitely our favorite.

Bryce Dallas Howard

A lot of people mistake Bryce Dallas Howard for Jessica Chastain, and while they definitely have some similarities, especially in some roles, we’re glad there’s two of them. The daughter of the director Ron Howard is four years younger and while she didn’t have the major roles in abundance like Chastain, she’s not pretty far off. She also has a very slim frame and, pale skin, and a beautiful, classy face, but she’s not missing any curves, as you can see in some of her roles.

Isla Fisher

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While Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain are considered as doppelgangers, Isla Fisher has one in Amy Addams, who barely missed out on making this list alongside Sophie Turner and Rose Leslie. An interesting actress and a person besides being one of the hottest redheads in the entertainment industry. For starters because she is actually 41, although she looks like she just left her teen years. Isla is putting in a double cross as everybody thinks she’s American, but she’s not. No, she’s not yet another covert Canadian celebrity, she is Australian and was born in Oman!

Which of these hottest redheads is your favorite and which movie of theirs do you like the most?


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