You’re Not A True Patriots Fan Until You Get Tom Brady’s Face Tattooed On Your Ass

Photo: Twitter/Boston Barber & Tattoo Co

If you want to come across like a total ass, get a tattoo of someone’s face on your ass.

We’ve seen some pretty crazy tattoos recently, that’s for sure. But if political tattoos like the idiot who got ‘Trump’ tattooed on his neck, or the girl who wanted a ‘Lock Her Up Tattoo’ on her lower back wasn’t up your alley, perhaps this sports related tattoo will interest you.

While I’m sure New England Patriots fans went nuts last week after their team came back and won the Super Bowl, one unnamed Pats fan was so hyped up that he decided to get Pats quarterback Tom Brady’s face tattooed on his ass.

So this fan walked into Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. and got this.

“He just came in and said, ‘I’m seeing if I could get a tattoo. I wanted to get a portrait of Tom Brady on my left butt-cheek,’” tattoo shop employee Emily Arsenault said. “And we were just like, ‘OK, let’s do it.’”

According to Arsenault, this dude wasn’t drunk, and he was “calm.” Although, according to this Twitter user, the ass belong to some dude named Pete Kloak.

Looks drunk to me.

Arsenault adds that the tattoo took about two to three hours to get done, and afterwards this Pete dude was pretty damn proud of it. Congrats on the tattoo, ass. The comma was on purpose.

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