5 Protests You Can Do Without Leaving Your Chair

There are a lot of reasons to protest: Local politics, state politics, national politics, geopolitics…alright, most people protest about politics. But if you’re as lazy and apathetic as I am, protests just seem like a lot of work. First, you need to have a cause you’re passionate about. Then, you have to make a clever sign so you don’t look stupid on Instagram. You have to find parking. You have to deal with a bunch of people. If you need to use the bathroom, you’re going to have to deal with lines to sit in a plastic box filled with other people’s waste. And not to mention the marching. So much marching. It’s all just too much for a guy like me. I’d rather participate in my own way. So if you’re like me, here are some ways to join a protest without leaving your chair.

Boycott something!

So you’re telling me that by not doing something, I’m actually doing something? Sign me up.

Join a trending #Hashtag.

You don’t even have to tweet anything about the topic at hand, use the #Hashtag to get your tweet seen by people that don’t follow you!


Are the boycotts and #Hashtags not working? Call in the big guns, and see if She can can help. Bonus points if you tell people you’re praying for them! Hell, make it a #Hashtag. #PrayingForYou

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Write an open letter.

Open letters are more about the person writing the letter than the actual matter the author wants changed. It’s almost as passive-aggressive as telling someone you are praying for them.

Sign a petition.

Petitions are great because it makes you feel like you’ve actually done something. In reality, you’ve just given your contact information to an organization that is going to spam you for donations.

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